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A message from the author

Dear Readers, I always wanted to write and loved to travel. In my early days, I once thumbed a ride from India to Afghanistan. (Caution: Do not try this at home.)

Later, I was was a scriptwriter for Knocking at the Gateway of Gold, a multi-part history of San Francisco produced by the Haight Ashbury Community Radio. The radio series traced the hopes and expectations of seekers who came to San Francisco and explored what became of them.

In those early days, I also helped found Her Say, a news service reporting on women, which is now archived at Schlesinger Library at Harvard.

More recently, I have taught writing at colleges around the San Francisco Bay Area. I am currently the editor of ePícaro.com, an international web-based journal of travel narratives.

I have had adventures and followed a creative path, but I have never before written a book.

Floating Point is my first book, my literary firstborn, and I offer it to you. The book chronicles a dream pursued during hard times, while I lived with my family on a boat in the San Francisco Bay.The book is available as an eBook and in print.

I hope you enjoy Floating Point.

Shelley Buck lives with her family in the California Gold Country. More books are on the way.








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